Our Services

Our Services

Multrans Global offers a wide range of solutions and services to strategically meet your supply chain integration and logistics solutions needs.

01 Freight management & Services

With an extensive network spanning 10 Asian countries and strong partnerships with major air and sea carriers, freight management is one of our core offerings. Our freight management solutions are reliable and competitively priced so that our clients are able to grow and expand their reach continuously. Our services include :

Air freight

Multrans Global is able to provide regular and frequent airfreight consolidation schedules available from multiple origins to multiple destinations. Multrans Global provides both premier as well as normal consolidation services to cater to the needs of various shippers. Our value pack airfreight consolidation hub and spoke system allows our clients to optimize their value with a good balance between cost and speed. Of paramount importance is that we listen to the needs and requirements of our customers and then tailor a service that is in relation to that requirement. In this way, our clients do not compromise on cost and at the same time can expect to derive maximum mileage from their air freight movement. Our main geographic coverage encompasses the continents of Asia, Europe and USA. Multrans Global is also able to hold a freight at strategic points such as Australia, Brunei, China , Hong Kong , Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines , Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand & Vietnam so as to allow duty drawbacks and customs formalities to take place. These points serve as a logistics hub so that inventories can be re-consolidated from multiple origins pending delivery as a single shipment to a factory. Consolidation allows transportation cost to be economized.

Sea freight

Multrans Global both LCL consolidation and FCL seafreight movement to and from multiple locations. In collaboration with its representations in numerous locations worldwide it allows for the easy access of cargo information pushed through the internet whereby documentation processing can be done prior to the arrival of the freight; easing the flow of customs clearance. Just like for air freight, consolidation hubs located in strategic locations such as Australia, Brunei, China , Hong Kong , Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines , Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand & Vietnam assist not only to lower freight cost but also bring deliveries in smaller, more frequent and manageable cost. Our expertise is not only to manage the flow of sea freight activities but also to help companies use seafreight as a means and tool to integrate with their overall logistics flow. This we use an open operating platform base on the internet technology so that track and trace of cargo movements can be monitored throughout the supply pipeline.

Marine insurance

In any form of international trade, insurance coverage of goods is paramount to reduce the risk of lost, damage or pilferage. Multrans Global have tied up with major insurance company to provide Marine Insurance covering numerous locations whether it is door to door, port to port or simply a movement of freight nationally. Risk covered is in accordance to the International Cargo Clause 1,2,3 (ICC). Additionally, our clients with multiple movement of cargo monthly can leverage on an ‘open cover’ policy where upon acceptance by the underwriter goods can be covered automatically and invoiced periodically in a single invoice. Premiums provided are competitively priced in order to warrant consideration. Insurance certificates are issued directly from our office

Project Management & Services

In these days of advancing economies where international companies shift productions to lower cost countries and equipment and machines do move along. Multrans Global provides the technical know how and skills to manage movement of different sensitive and bulky equipment whether nationally or across borders. The management of these projects requires intensive work and can sometimes spread across months and sometimes even years. Throughout the project, we ensure that work scheduling and processes are in place so that coordination with out client’s production requirements will not be compromise.

Warehouse Services


  • 1. 24 hours online CCTV monitoring system. (Exclude : without coverage area)
  • 2. 24 hours security guard.
  • 3. Fire protection system on all Warehouse (Fire extinguisher, hose reel, break glass alarm points.)
  • 4. No smoking policy.
  • 5. Fumigation twice a month at all warehouse locations.

Supply And Purchase Order Management

02 Logistics management

The work involved in managing a supply chain the planning, implementing and executing controls to ensure the delivery of a cargo from its point of origin to its destination can be complex. Our logisticians help our clients formulate the most efficient and effective a plan that meet our clients’ requirements.

Our services include :

  • Procurement
  • Inventory
  • Distribution

03 Projects forwarding

A team of multi-disciplinary professionals will work closely with our clients to deliver an individualised project forwarding solution for each client. We have the capacity, ability and technology needed to negotiate, arrange and manage freight movements on behalf of our clients in the following sectors:

  • Oil and gas
  • Marine and offshore
  • Mining
  • Power generation

04 Technology and infrastructure

All Multrans Global solutions and services are supported by our robust information management systems.

Our online freight management system is equipped with the latest tactical capabilities that centralises the data from all our offices for better collaboration and business processes optimisation. Efficient usage of its key features auto data interchange, commonly controlled exchange rates, freight intelligence and optimisation increases productivity. It is highly secured, scalable and cost-effective.

Clients are able to track their shipment with our tracking system to provide maximum visibility of documentation processes and physical cargo flow. The system is highly secured and is mobile-compatible to ensure that cargo information is recorded at real time. It is also able to extract information from upstream order management until shipment execution to enable better logistical planning for the end user.

05 Consult and design

The locality of our wide network of offices means our clients can be assured that all shipment are handled by highly trained professionals. Their knowledge about their local ports’ policies and procedures allows us to consult and design the most effective solutions and services to ensure all cargo are delivered to the end recipient in the most favourable condition.

Our services include :

  • Consolidation hubs
  • Turnkey logistics
  • Fiscal representation
  • Easi-Trade