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especially in dedicated route management and industry verticals in the energy, resources and power generation sectors.



Multrans Global has an extensive Asian network that extends across 10 countries: Australia, Brunei, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand & Vietnam. Our core solutions and services comprise freight management, logistics management, projects forwarding, technology and infrastructure, and consult and design. They are complemented by a robust technology that allows multiple parties in the supply chain to have information exchanges and visibility of their cargo.

The dynamic nature of our clients’ mobilisation of resources needs forces us to weave innovation and creativity in our corporate DNA.

Intelligent solutions, new technologies and fulfilment matrix are required to meet these fast-changing needs; this is why we continue to develop innovative solutions to better serve our clients.

Our Services

With an extensive network spanning 10 Asian countries and strong partnerships with major air and sea carriers, freight management is one of our core offerings. Our freight management solutions are reliable and competitively priced so that our clients are able to grow and expand their reach continuously. Our services include :

  • Air freight
  • Sea freight
  • Marine insurance
  • Project Management & Services
  • Warehouse Services
  • Supply And Purchase Order Management

The work involved in managing a supply chain the planning, implementing and executing controls to ensure the delivery of a cargo from its point of origin to its destination can be complex. Our logisticians help our clients formulate the most efficient and effective a plan that meet our clients’ requirements. Our services include :

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  • Procurement
  • Inventory
  • Distribution

A team of multi-disciplinary professionals will work closely with our clients to deliver an individualised project forwarding solution for each client. We have the capacity, ability and technology needed to negotiate, arrange and manage freight movements on behalf of our clients in the following sectors:

  • Oil and gas
  • Marine and offshore
  • Mining
  • Power generation

All Multrans Global solutions and services are supported by our robust information management systems. Our online freight management system is equipped with the latest tactical capabilities that centralises the data from all our offices for better collaboration and business processes optimisation. Efficient usage of its key features auto data interchange, commonly controlled exchange rates, freight intelligence and optimisation increases productivity. It is highly secured, scalable and cost-effective.

The locality of our wide network of offices means our clients can be assured that all shipment are handled by highly trained professionals. Their knowledge about their local ports’ policies and procedures allows us to consult and design the most effective solutions and services to ensure all cargo are delivered to the end recipient in the most favourable condition.

Our services include :

  • Consolidation hubs
  • Turnkey logistics
  • Fiscal representation
  • Easi-Trade

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